House Angelus

House Angelus is the largest of the six greater houses. Individually Pit Angels, as they are often known, are rather weak, and prefer to rally behind stronger beasts and houses. They can however easily overwhelm more powerful creatures with large numbers if necessary.

They are not to be confused with true Angels, greatest terror of all creatures of the Pit.

House Vespatian

While Royalty is not technically passed hereditarily in the Pit (it is either gifted by the current king to a chosen heir, or taken by killing and eating the current king), the Royal House Vespatius has held the position through sheer brute strength over the last several thousand years. With the dusk of King Hadrian Vespatian's reign on the horizon, many have accepted that his first son, Marcus Brutus Vespatian, will be passed the crown by his father, before another beast has the chance to steal it.

House Sabinius

House Sabinius, the house of Hellhounds, is a lesser house with a special role in the Pit. As soldiers who perfect the art of disguising as humans, Hellhounds serve terms on the surface in small teams, hunting down souls that attempt to remain stubbornly in the living world.

Sabinians are bred to be less ambitious than other hellbeasts which makes them excellent as guards to the higher houses. Once a Sabinian returns to Hell, they may choose a house to serve. Many others attempt to remain on the surface in order to avoid servitude to other beasts.

House Domitian

Members of House Domitian typically live on the very edges of the Veldt, where damned souls congregate and can be easily collected for Banquets. Eternally hungry, eternally thin- despite their gluttonous behavior- the members believe that there should be no distinction made between damned souls and innocent ones, dead souls and those still living: all are fit to be devoured.

House Aemilian

Perhaps the least violent of all Pit Beasts (or so they would have you believe), House Aemilian is responsible for keeping all records of the Pit. Histories, laws, lines of sucession: members of House Aemilian remember it all, and are quick to lash out at those who forget.