When a toddler tumbles into a strange pit discovered in the middle of New Boston, the city assumes the worst tragedy has occurred. But the boy survives his fall, and in a dark and desolate landscape is met by an unusual group: a rowdy court of soul devouring beasts who reign over the Bottomless Pit of Hell!

On a whim, the boy is adopted by Hadrian Vespatian, the Beast King of the Pit, and his hellhound bodyguard and consort Bernard. They’ll do their best to raise their very tiny, very edible human son, though the laws of Hell are few and fickle, and not all of the beasts agree with their king’s decision!

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About the Author


A. Szabla is an Eisner Award winning comics writer/artist known primarily for their work on the webcomic Bird Boy. They graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. They currently lives in Boston, MA where they work as a concept artist and art director during the day and makes comics in their spare time (typically this means very late at night!)

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